to stock up on some of our favorites before the work week began. We ended up walking out with a bottle of “Fedelie” from Cantina Marilina— a winery run by two sisters in Sicily. I stared at the label for a few seconds every time we hit a red light on the way home and kept saying to Charley, “is it too late to start over, is it too late to do something different? I love discovering new wine and I want to share that with people!!” Later that night, I still couldn’t shake the thought. Charley and I put our heads together, and the first sketches for Nico’s Small Market were drawn.

We are now a catering service for all private events– think weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. We work out of a Piaggio Ape, a small cart that we’ve outfitted to turn into the perfect serving station (with lots of Italian flare—inspired by the bottle of wine that made us take the leap). 

Our focus is on mostly on natural wine, craft beer, and the cheese and meat pairings that work together to form a special moment that people can connect on. At our core, we are a true celebration of food and wine. It’s super important to us to bring awareness to small production winemakers and organic farming. We want to tell the stories of the grapes, the regions, the farmers and the winemakers who take so much pride in their end product. 

Also, we think wine and beer should be fun! In an industry often taken a little too seriously, we’re here to keep the focus on well made wines, beers and cheeses, while offering a pressure free atmosphere to discover and learn. To us, the purpose of wine is to bring people together and to connect.

Nico’s Small Market is so excited and proud to serve you at your next event!

—Nicole & Charley


 Oeno Vino


In order to bring you all the best wine, beer and cheese, we’ve partnered with Oeno Vino, one of our favorite wine shops/bars in all of Los Angeles!

Oeno Vino is a small family-owned and operated wine shop + bar in Atwater Village (support small biz and female owned biz everyone!) They take pride in a hand-picked selection of small-production wines, many of which are made from organic and biodynamically farmed fruit. They also carry a small but carefully chosen selection of craft beer, including local favorites and hard–to-find gems.

Not to mention they have a super cool downstairs “cellar” bar where you can enjoy your favorite wines and beers along side a menu that includes gourmet cheese and charcuterie plates, pizza, and salad. It’s a one of a kind spot and we wouldn’t be Nico’s Small Market without them! Be sure to check them out next time you’re looking for a good vibe and an even better glass of wine!