Nico's x Current Shapes Gift Box

With a mutual passion for pattern design, textiles and color, Danica Durant and Francisca Gonzalez came together to create Current Shapes, an on-going pattern and print project that seeks to explore their current creative curiosities within the realm of pattern and textile design. They create work that allows for awareness of space and appreciation for the craft-making process, while highlighting the power of collaboration. 

Current Shapes is for those who buzz at the sight of pattern and find comfort in beaming colors. It’s about wearing art on your sleeves, about detaching from convention and allowing re-invention. It’s about loud expression, personal vision, and subtle boldness. 

Sure to bring light and color to every bottle you pop, this set of a hand dyed, handprinted tea towel + a bottle of Nico's wine of your choice is guaranteed to bring smiles. 

Size/ Material: One 18x18 cotton- linen blend
Hand dyed with low impact dyes
Hand printed with water based ink

Care: Hand wash or delicate cycle with mild detergent. Cool cycle dry. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading of color.